Joe Biden flaunts his own mask mandate

by Tim Miller

Joe Biden, on his first day in office, signed into law several different mask mandates.

The main executive order, which requires masks while traveling on planes and trains, is largely a nothing burger. Most of what the law mandates has already been done. For example, airlines and airports already require facemasks, with nearly 3,000 people on the "no fly list" largely for non-compliance with facemasks. The private sector is already enforcing this one, with no help from the government.

However, there was another executive order, entitled "Executive Order on Protecting the Federal Workforce and Requireing Mask-Wearing". As you might expect, this requires Federal employees (including the President) and anyone on Federal land to wear a facemask at all times.

Promptly after signing this into law, President Biden had a photo op with his family at the Lincoln memorial (which is Federal ground). And they went maskless, of course:

President Biden's sans-mask photo op with his family

Not only that, but he recorded a soulful video and talked to the media without a mask:

President Biden talks to the media without a mask.

In direct violation to the law he passed literally hours before.

The hypocrisy is just incredible.

When pressed about this later, Press Sec Jen Psaki said "He was celebrating an evening of a historic day... We have bigger issues to worry about."

So just so we're clear: regular people must mask up at all times, don't go to family holidays, don't go shopping, just STAY HOME and do as you're told. But Gov. Whitmer and President Biden can absolutely break any laws that they want if they happen to be celebrating something important to them. Noted.