Governor Whitmer showcases her hypocrisy once again

by Tim Miller

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has blatantly disregarded her own rules too many times to count. Like when her husband disregarded her lockdown orders and even asked a boat company for special treatment. Or when she marched with BLM in violation to her own lockdown orders.

Maybe someone should have reminded Gov. Whitmer that "executive orders are not a suggestion", which is exactly what she said a month before marching with BLM.

But who are we kidding. If there's one thing we've learned from Whitmer in the last year, it's that her rules don't apply to her, only to those who oppose her.

Here is just the latest example of this "rules for thee and not for me" mentality. Whitmer publically said many times that we ordinary people should skip out on holidays with our families:

An article on the Washington entitled "Seven governors: Americans need to stay home this Thanksgiving"

It's too dangerous to have small gatherings of family members for Thanksgiving! Don't do it! This isn't a suggestion!

But apparently it's not too dangerous to travel thousands of miles and gather in large crowds for inauguration day:

Governor Whitmer posted a selfie on Twitter in a large crowd of people for Joe Biden's inauguration.