Andy Slavitt changes his tune now that he is responsible for virus

by Tim Miller

Andy Slavitt will be an important voice in the continued fight against Covid, as he will be leading Biden's covid response team.

Slavitt has been a loud proponent of lockdowns since the beginning of the pandemic, and in July he had this to say:

COVID Update July 26: We can virtually eliminate the virus any time we decide to.

That's great news! Safe to say, now that Andy is in charge, the pandemic is over, right? Oooooh hold on not so fast:

2021 will not be a "magical" year. We won't turn on a dime. We won't right all our wrongs. We won't pass universal health care & paid family leave & invest in public health & our safety net. But 2021 will begin as an opportunity once again for a new story.

"We can eliminate the virus any time we decide to", but "we won't turn on a dime". Is that your choice, Andy? Are you deciding not to end the pandemic? Because that would make you a monster.

Or maybe the government has really never had the power to singlehandedly "virtually eliminate" a global disease. Yeah, that's probably it.